Callum Pettit


Callum Pettit grew up in Pemberton, British Columbia, where his local resort was Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain. Not a bad start to life for a future Big Mountain skier. After years of developing his skills in the local mountains, Callum and younger brother Sean drew the attention of sponsors and film production companies and their skiing careers took off from there. Boldly attacking lines and cliffs that seasoned pros wouldn’t even consider, Callum’s fearlessness became a trademark and his reputation grew.

Callum has provided standout segments for high-profile ski productions such as TGR’s “Light the Wick” and “RE:Session,” and “Believe” and “The Massive,” produced by Tanner Hall. These days Callum has been working on Sherpas Cinema’s two year movie project and can also be seen throughout their 2011 award winning film “All.I.Can”. His film parts have showcased him climbing and tackling untouched lines in such far-flung destinations as Alaska, Italy, and France, and Greenland.

Callum’s off-seasons are spent surfing, skateboarding and mountain biking.

Nickname: Snoop Cal, Killa Cal. Cal Favorite Destination for Your Sport: Europe, Chamonix Favorite Movie: Any Quentin Tarantino film Favorite Magazine: Powder Mag Favorite Piece of Your Sport’s History: When Reverse camber was started in fat skis Words to Live By: Follow your passion Three TNF Items You Always Pack: Freethinker jacket- waterproof! The perfect ski jacket for the Pacific Northwest. Thunder Jacket- very small puffy that’s easy to pack and will keep you warm if it gets cold. Superlight Sleeping Bag- Light and very warm, never know when you need to crash somewhere. Causes: Eco friendly. Trying to cut down waste wherever possible. Reusing cups and containers. Shopping locally. Proudest Moment of Your Career: Getting a TNF ad Favorite Mountain: Blackcomb in Whistler, BC Favorite Music: Bob Marley, Hank Williams jr., Hank III, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Frank Zappa What Advice do You Have for Staying Safe Out There? Have a plan with your group. Make sure you know the conditions and make decisions accordingly. Don’t rush things. Do You Ever Ride Park or Pipe? Sometimes when the rest of the mountains are beat Favorite Place to Travel: Europe because it has lots of culture and great mountains. The food is also delicious in many places. Favorite Event: Stanley Cup Playoffs. Hockey in Canada is a pretty big deal. Red Bull Cold Rush because I got to go there and it is such a fun time.