David Carrier Porcheron, commonly known as DCP, has been snowboarding for more than 18 years. He has starred in films by Kingpin, Treetop, The Gathering Collective and Mack Dawg Productions. In addition, DCP has been featured on the Weather Channel’s popular show, “Epic Conditions.”

Though filming is his primary focus, DCP still enjoys competition. He took third place in the 2008 Natural Selection at Jackson Hole. A world-renowned rider, DCP has an arsenal of freestyle skills that he currently brings with him into the backcountry, where he spends most of his snowboard season. Canadian-born DCP splits his time between Squamish, British Columbia, Vail, Colorado, and Costa Rica, with his wife and daughter.

An avid surfer, DCP also skateboards and mountain bikes. Inspired by deep powder, big cliffs and bluebird powder days with the backcountry to himself, he takes his love of snow and outdoors and translates his passion to the environment. Committed to preserving the places he, his friends and family enjoy, DCP works to plant trees and off-set carbon footprints.

Nickname: DCP

Spouse: Megan Pischke

Children: Leighli Storm Porcheron 5/28/2008

Role Model: My wife, friends and fellow riders

Pets: Luca, the cat

Best Friends: David Aubry, Sylvain Cote, Gabe Authier, Romain De Marchi, Gigi Ruff, JP Solberg

Best Cook Ever/ Best Dish: Everything my wife makes is amazing and the sushi chef at Sachi Sushi in Whistler

Favorite Destination: Costa Rica

Favorite Movie: Anything with Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell

Favorite Snack: Popcorn

Favorite Book: In Search of Captain Zero

Favorite Magazine: Surfer

Favorite Music: NOFX & Bob Marley

Favorite Piece of History in Your Sport: Anything that Craig Kelly did, he was a mentor to pow junkies like myself

Most Recent Epic: Surfing in El Salvador with my French Canadian Bro’s

Proudest Moment: Becoming a Father

Most Humbling Moment: In Las Lenas, 2001, first down a 1500 FT. dog-leg chute. It broke (avalanche) 3 feet deep and I went for a sweet ride

What have you always wanted to do: Ride in AK, and keep going back.

What do you have a weakness for: Deep pow and tasty waves

What are 3 Things people should know about you:

  1. I love to surf and snowboard as much as possible
  2. I am a passionate family man and father
  3. I live far away from my family and miss them very much

Favorite Mountain: The range in and around Squamish, BC (my home)

What inspires you: I am inspired by deep pow, big cliffs, and jumps that require minimal time to build. Teje Haakonsen, people who love and live snowboarding, stormy weather, tree riding, bluebird powder days with nobody around

What are the words you live by: Live in the moment, enjoy life and be kind to yourself and others. Pura Vida!

If you could take a vacation where would it be: I would go to a cabin in BC Interior and take my wife and best friends

What are 3 things you always pack when you go on a trip: A board (snow, skate, surf), a passport, and a warm sweater

Most Amusing/ Funniest tale of your exploits: Any road trips with my friend Simon and Nalir, we just keep laughing and talking on the radio from one car to another

What are you passionate about: I want to replant trees in Costa Rica and inspire others to do so; so we can off-set our large carbon footprints

What are your off-season activites: Surfing, skating, mountain biking, and hanging with the family

What gets you up in the morning and keeps you going through the day: My daughter, my wife, and deep pow or pumping surf

Last Years Accomplishments: Placing 3rd at the Natural Selection and building my house in Costa Rica

Why do you like having TNF as a sponsor: The team is beyond inspiring and they make the best gear out there

What are your other sponsors: Spy Optics, Empire Sports, Northwave Boots and Drake Bindings

Favorite TNF Product that you have recently used: The hooded wool sweater Megs got for me, it doesn’t come off! Also, the Raging Viking Jacket has been insane to ride in; great fit, waterproofing and color. The sleeping bag I’ve been using in Costa Rica has been a live saver.