Mark Carter


Growing up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, Carter has been snowboarding for over 20 years.

In 2008, he took second at Quiksilver Natural Selection: All Mountain Invitational at Jackson Hole. He has worked with Standard Films, Brain Farm, TGR and Absinthe. A self-proclaimed “mountain man,” Carter spends his entire year outdoors. When he’s not riding he can be found guiding fly-fishing and working on the ranch.

“Being able to progress in snowboarding and my all around mountain knowledge is very important to me,” said Carter. “Exploring new zones, working with the design team, and aligning myself with the people I trust in the mountains is huge for that progression.”

  • Nickname: Country
  • Role Model: Dad
  • Favorite Destination: Japan and BC
  • Favorite Movie: The Goonies
  • Favorite Snack: jerky
  • Favorite Book: Into The Wild
  • Favorite Magazine: Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine
  • Theme Music when Competing: Hank 3
  • What Have You Always Wanted to Do? Saltwater fly-fishing trip
  • 3 things people should know about you:
  1. I grew up on a cattle ranch.
  2. I’m a hunting and fishing guide.
  3. I floss every day.
  • Favorite Mountain: Jackson Hole
  • Inspiration within Your Sport: Progression, exploring new zones, and the amazing people I cross paths with
  • Words to Live By: Turn up the good, turn down the suck
  • Dream Vacation: Alaska with my friends
  • 3 things you Always Pack: Toothbrush, fly rod, iPod
  • Off-Season Activities: hunt, fish, bike, ranch, and work on my motel
  • What Gets You Up in the Morning and Keeps You Going Throughout the Day? Coffee and water
  • Why do you like being sponsored by The North Face? It feels like one big family! They show me huge support on all the projects I’m involved in.
  • Standard Films “TB20”
  • Brain Farm “That’s It, That’s All”
  • Teton Gravity Research “Anomaly”; “Lost and Found”; “Re:Session”
  • Bluebird “Love Over Money”; “Dobre Hombres”
  • Mongo Pro “Constant Struggle”
  • Absinthe Films “Neverland”


  • The Natural Selection—2nd
  • TNF Masters Snowbird—1st