Kasha Rigby

Alpine Climber,Skier

Kasha Rigby has skied since she could walk and began telemark skiing as a teenager. Her passion for skiing and traveling has been the driving force behind most of her adult life.

She began traveling at age 19, opting to take leave from college to explore Africa. She then headed to Colorado, where she became involved in telemark racing and extreme-skiing competitions. Kasha joined The North Face Ski Team in 1995 and has since brought her skis, and skill, around the world.

Across the United States, Canada, South America, New Zealand, Russia, Asia, Europe, India and even the Middle East, Kasha has skied the first descents of some of the world’s most revered peaks, including the Five Holy Peaks in Mongolia.

It seems as if Kasha is always packing her bag for a new adventure, a lifestyle that has its pros and cons. When not on expeditions, Kasha enjoys balancing life on the road with gardening, teaching yoga and spending time with friends in southern Utah.

However, her next adventure chasing water, frozen and liquid, salty and fresh, is never too far around the corner.

Hometown: Boulder Utah

Birth date: May 26 (Gemini)

Favorite North Face Product(s): Thunder Micro Down Jacket

How I Relax: I make kim chee.

Words to Live By/Personal Mantra: May we all be illuminated and free from the bondage of ignorance and suffering.

Weakness or Guilty Pleasure: Raw cacao, maple syrup, and coffee

Favorite Food or Cuisine: Palak Paneer

Favorite Place(s) to Travel: The Himalayas

Cause(s) You Are Passionate About: Getting young people outside to share nature, reducing our crazy consumption, and growing and preparing food that nourishes us.

Favorite Movie: Today…Kumare.

Favorite Book: World Atlas

Favorite Training Snack: Fresh halva

Favorite Destination for Your Sport: There is no way to choose…

3 Things You Always Pack When Traveling: Lavender oil, herbal elements Lippy, and white scarf

What are three things people don’t know or would be surprised to know about you? I have to work hard to be timely and/or organized. I can spontaneously sleep anywhere. I am all soft under my super tough appearance :)

Inspiration Within Your Sport: My friend Hilaree O’Neill

Goals This Season: Get out with all my bits in good order and my friendships solid.

  • Mongolia Women’s Ski Expedition: first ski descents of the Five Holy Peaks, including Kuitan, the highest peak in Mongolia
  • Mt. Waddington Ski Expedition: descent of Mt. Waddington and Combatant Couloir, British Columbia
  • Yukon Territories to Dry Bay, Alaska, ski exploration, accessed from the Tatshenshini River
  • Hannuman Tibba Women’s Expedition: first ski descent of RFHP, a 2500m couloir in the Himachal Pradesh region of India
  • Kamchatka Women’s Ski Expedition: first ski descent of Mt. Udina and Mt. Zimina, as well as the first female ski descent of Mt. Tolbachik
  • Lebanon Ski Expedition: ski descent of Qornet as-Sawda, 3090m, traverse of the Mt. Lebanon Range
  • Mt. Belukha: ski exploration and descent of highest peak in Siberia
  • Cotopaxi (5897m) and Chimborazo (6310m) Volcanoes of Ecuador: ski descent of world’s highest active volcano
  • Skied from summit of Choy oyu 8000+m

Film Highlights:

  • 2001 Warren Miller’s Extreme Winter
  • 2001 Transworld Television: “Ski Nomads: A Traverse of Lebanon”
  • 2001 OLN Adventure Series “Mystery Mountain”