Peter Croft

Rock Climber

For most of his climbing career, Peter Croft has concentrated on big-rock routes. Peter is celebrated by his climbing and mountaineering peers for numerous achievements, however a favorite being his history-making free solo ascent of the Astroman on Washington Column in Yosemite.

Peter began climbing in Canada, where he grew up, and inevitably gravitated to Yosemite Valley, where, after climbing the biggest cliffs there, he began to do link-ups of two or more big walls in a single day. This led to his present neurosis: big traverses and link-ups in the High Sierra.

Peter sometimes writes about his adventures in various climbing magazines and, in between climbs, logs serious couch-time watching television with his wife, Karine, and Pee Wee, their dog.

Birth date: 5/18/1958

Favorite Destination: High Sierra

Favorite The North Face Product: Prolix Pant - a great climbing pant, very durable, clean lines.

Proudest Moment: Starting climbing.

Cause(s): The wilderness.

Words To Live By: Realize that you suck and that you are superman.

Favorite Moment In History: The Year TiVo was invented.

Most Recent Epic: Being pounded by storms and sickness in Patagonia.

Ambition: After climbing, going surfing.

Weakness: Things with caffeine.

Three Things People Should Know About Me: I’m terrified of spiders, I love night climbing, and I’m afraid of the dark.


  • First ascent of Valkyrie V 5.12 Angel Wings, High Sierra 2012
  • First ascent of Solar Flare V 5.12+ High Sierra 2008
  • First ascent of Blowhard, V 5.12+, High Sierra, 2005
  • First ascent of Samurai Warrior, V 5.12, High Sierra, 2005
  • First ascent of Venturi Effect V 5.12+, High Sierra, 2004
  • First ascent of Airstream V 5.13, High Sierra, 2004
  • First ascent of the Evolution Traverse, the Sierras, 2000
  • First ascent of Sponsar Brakk via 8,000-ft. rock route VI 5.11, Pakistan, 1998
  • First solo and one-day Minaret Traverse, the Sierras, 1992
  • First one-day link-up of the Nose and Salathe routes on El Capitan, Yosemite, 1992
  • First free ascent of Moonlight Buttress V 5.12d/13a, 1991
  • First free ascent of the Shadow V 5.13, onsight of crux pitch, 1988
  • First free solo link-up of Astroman and the Rostrum, 1987
  • First free solo of Astroman V 5.11, 1987
  • First one-day link-up of the Nose of El Capitan and Half Dome, Yosemite, 1986
  • First traverse of the Waddington Range, 1985
  • First free solo of the Rostrum V 5.11, Yosemite, 1985
  • First free ascent of University Wall V 5.12, Squamish, 1982

Films/Book Highlights:

  • Reel Rock Tour – Incredible Hulk/Venturi
  • Solar Flare/Incredible Hulk
  • Moving Over Stone (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Masters of Stone
  • Painted Spider
  • Beyond Gravity
  • Authored The Good, the Great and the Awesome (2002), a select guide to the alpine rock routes of the High Sierra

Awards Highlights:

  • Gold Medal at the Milano Montagna (2000)
  • The American Alpine Club’s Underhill Award (1991)