Staring at the Sun

Jun 8th 2011

The longest days of the year are here and, in many parts of the country, enduring sunlight. In past years I’ve avoided putting on sunscreen because it smells bad and leaves me feeling like I’m covered in a thin coat of plastic until my next shower. On a hot summer day, nothing is less appealing. Enter JĀSÖN sunscreens. The SPF 30 Mineral Formula (4 oz., $14.99) is one you can easily forget about once you’ve put it on. It doesn’t leave you feeling like a plastic bag or smelling like a swimming pool — in fact, it doesn’t smell like anything. It is easy to rub in and doesn’t rub away easily when you get sweaty or dirty. The formula uses only minerals (as opposed to chemicals) and is safer for babies as well, so one tube can suit the entire family.

If you prefer something with a higher SPF, the SPF 45 Sport Formula (4 oz., $11.49) is another good option. With a noticably different ingredient list than the Mineral formula, the Sport formula still contains several of the brand’s signature organic ingredients, for what that’s worth. It is also supposed to be slightly more sweat/water resistant though this claim is notoriously difficult to test! At any rate, it is more pleasant than many other brands I’ve tried and does it’s job with aplomb.