Kasha Rigby

Alpine Climber,Skier

Kasha Rigby has skied since she could walk and began telemark skiing as a teenager. Her passion for skiing and traveling has been the driving force behind most of her adult life.

She began traveling at age 19, leaving college to explore Africa. She then headed to Colorado, where she became involved in telemark racing and extreme-skiing competitions. Kasha joined The North Face Ski Team in 1995 and has since brought her skis all over the U.S., Canada, South America, New Zealand, Russia, Asia, Europe, India and even the Middle East, skiing first descents of some of the world’s most revered peaks, including the Five Holy Peaks in Mongolia.

It seems as if Kasha is always packing her bag for a new adventure, a lifestyle that has its pros and cons. When not on expedition Kasha has a garden, lives with friends, and teaches yoga in southern Utah. Come winter she chases snow and keeps a base near Little Cottonwood Canyon.