Nikki Kimball

Ultra Runner

If it weren’t for cross-country skiing, Nikki might never have discovered her love of distance running.

When skiing, her focus was always performance and race results, which often caused her to overlook the inherent beauty of the sport. But, running was different. It helped her train physically for skiing, but because the pressure to perform was lifted, she could completely lose herself in her natural surroundings and she noticed how running gave her the mental clarity and stress release she needed. She now runs competitively, but Nikki never forgets the real gift that running gives her. “Really, I just love to run,” she says. “I love to run enough that I often find myself lost, both literally and figuratively.”

Nikki’s love of running quickly developed into an amazing talent for it, and today she is one of the top female ultra runners, with numerous first-place finishes, course records and awards under her belt. She’s competed as a member of several U.S. teams, including the 100K, mountain running and snowshoe racing teams, and she is involved in the USATF as a member of the 100K Task Force.

Nikki lives in Bozeman, Montana, and works as an orthopedic physical therapist. She is co-creator of The Running Clinic, a monthly screening of runners and triathletes aimed at preventing injury and advising athletes on proper nutrition, training and footwear.

Nikki says, “I am proud to represent a company which gives generously to causes I care about. The North Face supports humanitarian and environmental causes domestically and abroad. The company is also interested in causes dear to the athletes it supports, from helping to fight childhood obesity in the US to helping ensure the safety of Sherpas in Nepal.

Not only does The North Face facilitate healthy, enriching lifestyles by selling products designed to help people enjoy outdoor exploration, but it supports initiatives to keep our environment healthy so that we CAN keep exploring and enjoying it.”